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We offer the following programs (ages as of June 1):

Mini - ages 6/7 (1st, 2nd grade)
Junior - ages 8/9 (3rd, 4th grade)
Senior - ages 10/12 (5th, 6th grade.  7th graders are only eligible if they go to a private school that doesn't have a football program.)

** Note- kids ages 4/5 will be eligible to play in our flag football program. Registration is open now and due Aug 1.

2017 Program cost is $175, Deadline for registration is July 1, however we will still accept registrations with a $20 late fee. 

General Information
  • Conditioning will be the week of July 31st  - Aug 3rd 6pm to 8pm. Monday and Tuesday are T Shirt, shorts, cleats mouthpiece and helmet. Even though Monday and Tuesday are light days, they will be doing tackling technique drills and will need their mouthpieces. Wednesday and Thursday will be full pads.  Bring plenty of water.
  • Practices will continue in August.  Games will be played in September and October. (Exact dates have not been established yet and are subject to change.)
  • All teams will practice Mon thru Thurs 6-8pm (4 nights a week in summer, 3 nights a week during the school season.)  
  • Practices will be at the PYAA Complex, 630 Hill Road
  • All teams will be assigned only 2 Coaches, 1 head coach, 1 assistant coach.
  • No teammate requests will be accepted.  Only siblings will be placed together when age appropriate.
  • Coaches will be determined after July's board meeting.  They will select asst coaches.  All coaches must register as a coach and submit a background check
  • The draft will be Saturday, Aug 5th, and will be attended by all head and assistant coaches. You will be notified by your coach after the draft about practice instructions for the week of August 7th.
  • Due to the time commitment, you should not register for any other sport while playing football.
  • Each child will be issued a helmet, mouthpiece, chinstrap, shoulderpads and 2 jerseys.  You will need to supply football pants with pads (black preferred) and football cleats.  Jerseys must be returned at the end of the season, or you have option to purchase them for $25 each.